About Me

Hi! I’m Anne

I am a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Restorative Wellness Practitioner and retired Certified Professional Midwife, Doula and Childbirth Educator. I love helping individuals and couples achieve optimal health and fertility, so that they can have the easiest possible conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery; so they can grow and care for happy healthy babies.

All of my life I have had a great interest in healthcare. Growing up, I was always the one to care for those who were hurt or sick (human or not.) I went to every medical appointment and asked waaay too many questions.

I was fascinated with science and the way our bodies worked. As a young woman I majored in Environmental Science for two years, seeking to understand the connections between people and their environment and the impact of toxins on our health. Soon after this, I met and married my husband and best friend and soon became a mom.

After the birth to our first child I launched into what has lovingly been called an obsession (of independent study), that continues to this day. After our second child was born, I became an EMT and began an apprenticeship with a local midwife.

I worked as an apprentice midwife, birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator for two decades, serving families of every creed and color. I worked with many different professionals, including a rural Amish midwife and a busy Birth Center on the border of Mexico.

I learned many new skills, including a lot of compassion and medical Spanish. I traveled all over the country to attend advanced trainings to expand my knowledge and understanding of women’s and children’s health.

As our family grew to include six amazing children, my heart grew in love and compassion. I never believed in unconditional love until I had my own children. I thought it was a myth or a fairy tale. Having children caused me to understand that if I (a sinful messed up mortal) could love them so unconditionally, even though they had never done anything to deserve it, how much more does God love us; His own dear children?!

My children inspired me to seek the truth so that I would be able to answer questions like: Why are we here? and Where do we go when we die? In my search, I read the Bible. I learned that the “truth” is not just a concept but a person – Jesus. My greatest desire is to be more like Him.

For many years we worked and lived on a small ranch where we provided grass fed meat, eggs and milk to our community through our own CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). I wrote a newsletter for our members and hosted many on farm gatherings.

During this time I felt “called” to become a primary midwife, so I went back to school, obtaining my bachelors degree in Midwifery under the guidance of a exceptional CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife) and the the National College of Midwifery.

After many hours of clinical and academic study, I became a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife). In 2008 I started my own practice and became a LM/LDEM (Licensed Midwife) in two states, while serving on the State Board of Midwifery.

In clinical practice, I realized that many pregnancy, postpartum and newborn complications might have been prevented or minimized with simple preconception preparation. I saw so many parents exhausted and struggling with their own health; some so depleted that they developed chronic debilitating health problems.

I came to appreciate the critically important “other 50%” – men’s health, and studied this too. I saw the heartbreak of miscarriage and infertility in my own family and in the lives of my clients, and became determined to help prevent and reverse these tragic outcomes.

I wanted to spend more time with my family and friends while continuing to help others, and myself, apply all I had learned about health and wellness. I was offered a job as Commercial Kitchen Manager. I then worked for three years, planning, preparing and providing delicious healthy meals each day. This experience taught me many practical culinary skills and led me to pursue further training in nutrition.

I discovered the NTA (Nutritional Therapy Association) where I studied nutritional therapy. I chose their program over many others, because they stood behind ancestral wisdom and the work of amazing pioneers such as Dr. Weston A. Price, Dr. Frances Pottenger and Dr. Harriet Chick, while embracing the best of the latest research in their curriculum. After graduating as a FNTP (Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) I immediately was chosen to be a group leader for the NTA and had the amazing privilege of mentoring many new brilliant and dedicated students.

Soon after this, I continued my education through Restorative Wellness Solutions where I learned all about functional lab testing including: the GI map and MRT food sensitivity testing, adrenal, male and female hormone testing and advanced blood chemistry. RWS training allows me to pinpoint areas of imbalance quickly. I can now “test instead of guess.” I, and my clients, have benefited from the decades of successful clinical experience incorporated into the RWS programs.

I believe that nutrition is the foundation for ALL health. On a cellular level we really “are what we eat” or more specifically we are what we digest (and what our food eats too.) We also “are” what our grandparents ate, meaning there is a definite generational aspect to nutrition that affects not only our DNA, but gene expression (deciding which genes will be “turned on” and which will not).

I believe that God gave us all that we need to sustain us. The more similar that our food is to it’s original God given form, the better it is for our health. We are truly “fearfully and wonderfully made” with the amazing ability to heal and recover when given the materials we need to build health and removing limiting factors.

I live near Salem, Oregon. I enjoy spending time with my amazing and growing family, geeking out on science, quilting, reading, good friends, good food and good music.  I am committed to listening well, connecting the dots and finding the best and most realistic compassionate solutions for my clients.

My unique background in environmental science, childbirth education, farming, midwifery, women’s health, kitchen management functional nutrition and lab testing, enables me to put all the pieces together; to truly guide and empower individuals and families to make positive, lasting changes in their health. Nutritional therapy is the ultimate preventative care and the greatest gift you can give yourself and your family.