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10 Simple Steps to Get the Sleep of Your Dreams

Many scientists believe that infections are much more serious for older people, than younger people, because younger people have much higher levels of the sleep hormone melatonin. Melatonin is not just an essential sleep hormone, but a fabulous anti-oxidant. Some foods that boost melatonin levels are walnuts, pineapple, bananas, oranges, cherries – especially tart cherries. Good sleep positively impacts not just our immune system but EVERY area of health; physically, mentally and emotionally. You simply cannot lose by doing all you can to get the sleep of your dreams.

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Do We Really Need Supplements?

“Can’t I just eat a good diet? Do I really need to take supplements?” This is an excellent question to ask, and an important question to answer; especially for those trying to conceive, currently pregnant and postpartum!

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8 Signs You Need to Improve Gut Health (Here’s How)

People often say, “you are what you eat” but the truth is “you are what you absorb.” Meaning, you can have the healthiest diet of properly prepared, nutrient-dense foods but you must also be able to adequately break down the nutrients you’re consuming. Here’s the good news: with a few small lifestyle adjustments, many people can experience a huge shift in the health of their gut.

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Toxins: Top Myths and Truths

My goal as an NTP is to strengthen defenses while removing stressors. One of the biggest stressors we all have

to deal with is toxins. What do I mean by “toxins”? I mean exposures to harmful

substances in our environment, that have a direct effect on our health.

The truth is that toxic exposure is a key factor in every single health condition we struggle to overcome today.

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Eggs: the Original Fast Super Food

It is hard to beat eggs! (pun intended) In this article I will share with you the amazing nutritional benefits of eggs, how to incorporate them more deliciously into your diet and how to easily prepare perfect boiled eggs.

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Feel Better NOW! Blood Sugar Regulation

4 pillars for healthy blood sugar to keep you feeling happy, balanced, and craving-free


When discussing the concept of blood sugar regulation, we’re simply describing the process by which the levels of sugar in our blood are maintained by the body. This sugar is called glucose, which is created by breaking down the food we eat and is the form that the body can use for energy. When we eat excessive amounts of sugar and carbohydrates and lower amounts of fat and protein, our glucose levels spike and this can result in unstable blood sugar levels. It often also results in cravings for more sugar and can also trigger cravings for other stimulants, such as caffeine 1. Today we’re going to break down 4 pillars for healthy blood sugar to keep you feeling happy, balanced, and craving-free.

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Vegetable Oils – Choose the Best!

Are you still using vegetable oil? Here’s how to choose the healthiest option.


Vegetable oils. Found in recipes from baking to stir-fry and listed on labels from granola bars to body lotion. What are these oils? Which should you include in your diet and which should you avoid? Let’s separate fact from fiction.

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