Do need something more than “just take a prenatal?”

Are you frustrated that your lab tests are all “normal” but you know something isn’t right?

Do you want to feel strong, healthy and prepared for parenthood?

Do you want to get pregnant when you want to?

 Do you dread social media because of all the pregnancy and birth announcements?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the massive amount of (often conflicting) information available?

Are you tired of being tired all the time?

Have you had a difficult previous pregnancy, birth or recovery in the past and don’t want a repeat?

Have you had a miscarriage in the past and don’t want a repeat?

Are you struggling to manage a barrage of pregnancy discomforts?

Do you just want to feel human again?

Do you feel like you need a cleanse, but don’t know how to do it or even where to start?

Do you want to know that you have done everything in your power to have a healthy baby?


You are in the right place!  It is never too late to start! My goal is to strengthen your defenses, build up your reserves and remove stressors, so you can be the best you possible. You will learn how to listen to, and decode your body’s signals, so you can make the right decisions to achieve lasting results.

I use a variety of tools and techniques to discover imbalances or deficiencies, in order to make targeted recommendations that you can trust to get the results you need as quickly as possible. I will carefully assess and guide you, monitor and cheer your success, while providing support and resources for your journey.  I offer small group classes and one on one support by video.

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Free 30 minute Discovery Session



 Feed Your Fertile Body ™ Classes

A great first step! This six week series is packed full of practical steps you can take to get your body baby ready! The classes focus on improving fertility and overall health in both men and women who are preparing to become parents or who are between conceptions. It is definitely suitable for solo parents too

The Feed Your Fertile Body!™ Program will guide you through the steps you need to add fertility-promoting foods, along with lifestyle strategies, into your daily life. Each module presents information and action steps that guide you through small changes that help you achieve big results!

When you sign up for the classes, you will receive a workbook and participate in six meetings in a small group setting. I will guide you, and other participants, through the why’s and how’s, so you will be empowered to feed your fertile body with all it needs to grow and raise a healthy baby!

Each week’s module comes with practical action steps, including a shopping list, a pantry clean out assignment and delicious simple recipes. The extensive bonus materials include resources for home and body care, information on GMOs, further reading suggestions, a fertility-supporting food chart for your refrigerator, meal planning template and more.

I understand that many prospective parents have already been through a lot. This is a compassionate class with a lot of flexibility to adapt to the needs of the participants. There is no pressure to be perfect. The focus is on adding in deeply nourishing foods that will bring you health and happiness as they build your fertility and help you prepare to meet the demands of parenting.

Find an outline of the class here



Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation

All services begin with this 90 minute session where we zero in on your health goals or concerns, personal, medical and family history, current supplements, medications and lifestyle factors. I will happily meet you “where you are.”

During this first session I thoroughly review your history to look for clues and patterns. We will work together to create a doable customized plan that will move you towards your goals.

*To make the most of the time we have together, all paperwork must be completed and received at least 24 hours prior to this appointment


Results and Personal Protocol 

During this 90 minute appointment you will receive the analysis of your assessments and your very own personalized health protocol. This detailed plan, includes food, lifestyle, herbal and supplement recommendations designed to get you on the fast track to optimal health. We discuss the best strategies and professional grade products for you, based on your unique needs, rather than a certain line or brand of products


Functional Clinical Assessment

This optional “hands on” head to toe clinical evaluation will help us determine your individual areas of strength and weakness. Several non-invasive tests will be performed in order to establish a baseline and choose the most beneficial therapeutic foods and supplements. Approximately 90 minutes


Follow Up Sessions

During these 45 minute – 1 hour sessions we will review progress, conduct any needed reassessments and troubleshoot as necessary to overcome any obstacles, adjust and fine tune your plan while providing additional support and resources to help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently.


Custom Packages

Save money and time when you purchase any custom package! Let’s talk about your specific needs and goals so I can customize the perfect package for your unique needs and lifestyle. All packages include:

  • Thoroughly researching your case to develop your  unique bio-individual protocol
  • 1 on 1 mentoring and support throughout the process
  • Personalized dietary, herbal and/or supplement protocol
  • Lifestyle recommendations focusing on quality sleep, stress management, and movement
  •  Ongoing support via email, test or phone
  • 20% discount on professional grade supplements
  • 10% or greater discount on all classes

* Price varies by package

VIP Package

The minimum recommended time to prepare for parenthood, or to rebuild your body prior to attempting to conceive again, is 4 months. More time is always preferable to less. When time is of the essence, the VIP package will jump start your progress.

This package maximizes all the tools available and delivers comprehensive support to optimize your overall health and fertility.

Package includes:

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation
  • Individualized lab testing
  • Results and Personal Protocol
  • 4-8 follow up sessions
  •  phone, text and/or email support
  • 20% discount on all supplements
  • 10% discount on classes

The ultimate way to help you get and stay on the fast track to reach your goals!






 This is a great choice for you if:

  • You are ready to develop a new healthy relationship to your body that will carry you and your family into parenthood and beyond
  • You are ready for a reset
  • You want to get to the bottom of things and discover practical steps you can take to get real lasting results

 This may not be for you if:

  • You are content with your health the way it is
  • You are looking for a magic pill or a quick fix
  • You think healthcare should be cheap or easy
  • You don’t believe in natural foods or methods
  • You don’t feel ready or have time to do the work